Used Car Auto Financing

Performance Auto Loans specializes in sub prime auto loans, helping customers with bad credit or no credit purchase a used car, truck, or SUV from any used car dealer or private seller in California. If you’re in the market to purchase a used car and have challenging credit with little or no credit history, our automotive financing programs can help you get the most affordable monthly payment plans with no application fee’s and a fast approval process. Contact us for a free no hassle, no obligation consultation and our specialists will review your credit history, and financial budget to determine the optimal loan amount that will keep your finances balanced so you can rest easy.

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Loan Amount

Its important to be able to balance your financial budget properly when considering any large purchase such as a car. We can help you review your credit, employment history, financial income and expenses to help you understand your budget and your limitations when searching for the right car for your budget. The amount we can will extend to your purchase of a used vehicle is dependent on your income and budget, and in most cases we can help finance up to $20,000 towards your vehicle including taxes, registration, and other expenses related to your purchase; if the price or value of the vehicle exceeds our loan amount, the buyer is typically responsible for the difference and would pay that amount in the form of a down payment towards the purchase of the vehicle.

Repayment Term

In order to better offer you an affordable payment structure with low monthly payments, we can offer up to 48 month financing on approved credit with no application fee’s and no pre-payment penalties. Our finance contracts are simple interest agreements that allow you to payoff your loan in full at any time, so that you only pay interest for the time you carry the loan, and any additional payments made over your monthly payment amount will be applied directly to your principal balance, lowering the amount of interest you pay over the term of the loan.

Gap Insurance

The difference between what your auto insurance covers, in the event of an unrecoverable theft or total loss of your vehicle, and your remaining loan account balance is referred to as GAP. Our GAP insurance is included on all auto loan financing agreements and covers up to $5,000 of your remaining balance.

Anti-Theft Recovery Devices

We offer GPS anti-theft recovery devices to all of our clients to help you locate and recover your vehicle in the event of any theft. Your auto insurance provider, in most cases, may offer you a discount on your auto insurance coverage for maintaining one of our GPS devices on your vehicle.

Flexible Payment Options

Enjoy the freedom of flexibility with a Performance Auto Loan. Our financing solutions offer our clients the greatest flexibility in repaying their loan online, by phone, or in person. As a valued client, we offer many different payment options so you can make your monthly payment at any time from virtually any place. You can pay by credit, debit, cash, check, echeck, or at any 7-eleven or Family Dollar Store using our Paynearme services.